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SIP Haze Planning Status Summary

Status of Regional Haze Plan Development, Including BART

The WRAP continues working on behalf of its 15 member states and tribes to facilitate and assist with the completion of the individual regional haze implementation plans across the West during 2008-09. Through projects directed by WRAP Forums, Committees, and staff, regional technical analysis activities for haze plan development were completed during 2007. The status of the individual agencies’ BART Determinations and Regional Haze Planning efforts is summarized in the following table. The dates in the table are updated periodically, with the last update noted at the bottom of the table.

Estimated Dates of Completion of BART and §308, §309, and §309(g) Regional Haze SIPs

State BART Determinations SIP Hearing(s) SIP Adoption(s) SIP Submitted for Approval
AK Close to completion
Working on determinations
Draft SIP for EPA/FLM review – January 2010. Public comments/hearing 2nd Q 2010 Complete 308 SIP – June 2010  
AZ* March 2010 Public Comment starts October 2009 309 Revisions – April 2010
309(g) – April 2010
CA Done CARB Hearing held January 22, 2009 Done
Submitted March 2009
CO BART program completed – Dec 2008; BART submitted in two parts - June 2008, and June 2009; May need supplemental information; RPG sections to be drafted Sept 2010; Hearing anticipated Nov 2010; Commission approval of RPG SIP – anticipated December 2010; Legislative review anticipated 2011  RPG SIP to be submitted after legislative review 2011
HI Unknown FIP FIP in 2010 N/A
ID March 2010 Public Comment March-April 2010 Complete 308 SIP April 2010  
(EPA R8)
FR BART notice 2010 FR Non-BART notice for RPG analyses in 2010 Complete 308 SIP – February 2011  
NV Done Done Complete 308 SIP – July 2009 Submitted November 18, 2009
BART determinations –anticipated early 2010 Public Comment April-June 2010;
Hearing summer 2010
309 revisions & 309(g) - anticipated Summer 2010  
Albuquerque N/A Done Done Done
ND Done RPG SIP – FLM consultation start August, Completed in Late 2009 Complete RPG SIP – End of 2009 or early 2010  
OR Done Done Adopted June 2009 EPA Completeness Approval issued November 2009
SD Draft BART released for informal review Draft SIP released for informal review Mid 2010  
UT* Done Done Done Submitted September 2008
WA Draft completed, September 2009 Hearing, October 2009 Final, mid-2010 Anticipated 2nd Q 2010 Complete 308 SIP – anticipated 3rd Q 2010 Submittal anticipated 3rd Q- 2010
WY* EGU BART public notice/comment closed

Hearings completed; 309(g) 60-day Public notice/comment period closed

309 revisions Done

Tribal Sources
(EPA – Navajo,
Four Corners)
ANPR, 30-day public comment on visibility improvements and BART cost/effectiveness. Comments due October 28, 2009 Proposed FIPs for NGS and FCPP, with BART controls – FR late 2009  N/A N/A
Last Update – January 22, 2010

*The States of AZ, NM, OR, UT, and WY submitted §309 Regional Haze SIPs in December 2003, and are awaiting EPA actions to approve them based on states’ responses to issues EPA raised during the review process. Oregon has since elected to submit a §308 SIP. The other four §309 states must also submit revisions to the parts of their submitted SIPs pertaining to SO2 milestones and demonstration that the milestones achieve greater SO2 emission reductions than application of BART controls on affected sources along with other requirements outlined in the 2006 revised RHR. Utah does not need to submit a §309(g) plan. All of its Class I areas are among the 16 areas addressed in the §309 SIP submitted in 2003.


SIP Haze Planning Status Summary

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