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WRAP Board: Documents

WRAP Work Plans

2009-10 Work Plan (8/7/09 update) PDF or DOC

2008-09 Work Plan (06/17/08) PDF or DOC

Strategic Plan 2008-12 (03/11/08) PDF or DOC

2007 Work Plan (09/05/06) PDF or DOC

Work Plan Update for 2005-2007 (05/05/05) PDF or DOC

2005 Work Plan (12/07/04) PDF or DOC

2004 Work Plan (10/14/03) PDF or DOC

Strategic Plan 2003-2008 (09/29/03) PDF or DOC

2003 Work Plan (11/12/02) PDF or DOC

Other Final Documents

WRAP Letter and Principles to EPA Regarding the Extension of the Interstate Air Quality Rule to the West (04/16/04) PDF

  • Response from EPA Administrator Leavitt (05/14/04) PDF

EPA Finalizes Revision to Haze Rule to Correct Mobile Source Provisions
The EPA has taken final action to approve a correction to the mobile source provisions of Section 309 of the regional haze rule. The changes promulgated are essentially the same as those proposed on July 3, 2003. The final rule, proposed rule, and related documents are posted below.

  • Final rule (12/22/03) PDF
  • Proposed rule (07/03/03) PDF
  • WRAP letter to EPA requesting the correction (05/06/03) PDF
  • CEED's Comments to EPA opposing the correction (08/04/03) PDF

Congress Harmonizes Regional Haze SIP Due Dates
Consistent with the WRAP's position, the EPA's FY04 appropriation, which passed January 22nd, establishes December 31, 2007 as the latest submittal date for all regional haze SIPs and SIP revisions - i.e., those submitted under Section 309 of the regional haze rule. SIPs for fine particulate matter will also be due at this same time. Click here for the statutory language. (01/27/04)

  • WRAP Letter Seeking Coordination of Regional Haze SIP Submittal Dates (11/03/03)
    • Letter to Senators Inhofe and Baucus PDF
    • Letter to Senators Stevens and Byrd PDF
    • Letter to Representatives Tauzin and Dingell PDF
    • Letter to Representatives Young and Obey PDF
    • Map of PM-2.5 designations and haze SIP due dates GIF (40 kb) or PPT (700 kb)

WRAP Comments on EPA's "Tier IV" Proposal to Regulate Nonroad Engines and Fuel

  • Cover letter to Assistant Administrator Jeffrey Holmstead (09/10/03) PDF
  • Specific comments on EPA's proposal (09/10/03) PDF or DOC
  • Oral Testimony
    • Bob Neufeld in Chicago (06/12/03) PDF
    • Lee Alter in Los Angeles (06/17/03) PDF
  • WRAP letter encouraging Administrator Christine Whitman to pursue standards (01/28/03) PDF
    • Response to Governor Leavitt (03/12/03) PDF
    • Response to Governor Vallo (03/12/03) PDF
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