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Air Managers Committee: Meetings & Calls

WRAP Ozone and NOx in the West Meeting
November 11th, 2009, Santa Fe, NM

This meeting follows the Fall 2009 WESTAR Council meeting of M-T 11/9-10 at the same location.

Interactive Agenda  

Wednesday, November 11th
8:15 am Welcome and Introductions
  • Welcome to Santa Fe
    – Mary Uhl, Director, New Mexico Air Quality Bureau
  • Meeting Purpose
    – Tom Moore, WRAP Staff
8:30 Overview of new WRAP Charter
  • Revised Charter [currently out for review and approval by existing WRAP Board] PDF or DOC
    – Patrick Cummins, WRAP Co-Director
9:00 Ambient Air Quality Standards and Goals – Existing and Future Indicators
  • NAAQS Review PDF or PPT
    – Lydia Wegman, Director, Health & Environmental Impacts Division, EPA OAQPS
  • Planning & Implementation PDF or PPT
    – Bill Harnett, Director, Air Quality Policy Division, EPA OAQPS
  • Colorado Perspective PDF or PPT
    – Paul Tourangeau, Director, Colorado Air Pollution Control Division
  • Idaho Perspective PDF or PPT
    – Martin Bauer, Director, Idaho Air Quality Program


10:15 Ambient Air Quality Standards and Goals – Existing and Future Indicators, continued
10:45 Status of Regional Haze implementation
  • Regional Haze Planning/Implementation Status in the WRAP Region PDF or PPT
    – Don Arkell, WESTAR staff
11:10 Western Sources and Trends
  • What do we know about emission sources in the West? PDF or PPT
    – Tom Moore
11:45 Lunch (on your own)
1:00 pm What are the Ozone and Nitrogen Air Quality Concerns?
  • National Park Service Perspective PDF or PPT
    – Chris Shaver, Chief, Air Resources Division
  • State of New Mexico Perspective PDF or PPT
    – Mary Uhl
2:00 Monitoring Data, Field Studies, and Analysis
  • Analysis & Assessment PDF or PPT
    – Richard Scheffe, Air Quality Assessment Division, EPA OAQPS
  • CalNex 2010 Field Study PDF or PPT
    – Tom Ryerson, NOAA Chemical Sciences Division
  • Bureau of Land Management PDF or PPT
    – Scott Archer, Senior Air Quality Specialist
  • National Park Service PDF or PPT
    – Michael Barna, Air Quality Research Group
Overview of Ozone and Nitrogen air quality monitoring, data trends, and field studies
3:15 Break

Next Steps – what, when, and how for WRAP efforts on Ozone and Nitrogen



Background Reading Materials

Air Quality Standards, Planning, and Management (EPA links accessed October 2009) Monitoring Emissions Regional Transport, Modeling, and Analysis Climate Change Impacts on Air Quality and Emissions Sources

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