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Sources In and Near Class I Areas Forum: Near Emissions

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Near Emissions Project Home Page

The maps and data on this site are intended to illustrate the general landscape of emissions in and near WRAP Class I areas. For purposes of this illustration, "near" is defined as a 50 km area surrounding the borders of the Class I areas. Because in several cases areas are adjacent and have similar characteristics, some areas are analyzed and displayed together as a single group. There are 82 groups representing 117 areas. Start here to review maps and tables for a particular Class I area.

All emissions are derived from WRAP emission databases for the year 1996. Their spatial allocation to the analysis areas, however, are based on several data sets (e.g., population density, land use/cover, etc.) which span a few different years over the 1996 period. Additional details on the methods and data sources can be obtained by clicking on the "About" links on other pages within this site.

A survey of local officials in each Class I group was conducted to ensure reasonableness of the data and to identify activities, trends, and proposed pojects which may affect emissions but which may not be apparent in the emission databases. Results of this survey are available upon request from Lee Alter

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