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Market Trading Forum: NOx and PM

The purpose of this project is to complete a report on stationary sources of NOx and PM. The report is required as part of the Section 309 SIPs due by December 31, 2003. For the part of the regional haze rule pertaining to this report, click DOC or PDF

The report is a starting point for addressing the role of stationary source PM and NOx emissions over the next few years. All states must implement BART for NOx and PM or an alternative program with superior benefits.

The report will be comprised of four major sections: a summary of NOx and PM emissions and ambient monitoring data, a conceptual model of haze in the West and the role of stationary source NOx and PM emissions based on the state of the science, results from NOx and PM sensitivity runs using the WRAP regional scale air quality model, and a summary of NOx and PM emission control technologies, effectiveness, costs, and secondary impacts.

Stationary Source NOx and PM Emissions in the WRAP Region: An Initial Assessment of Emissions, Controls, and Air Quality Impacts
This report is required as part of the Section 309 SIPs, but contains information relevant to all WRAP states and is designed to be a starting point for assessing stationary source NOx and PM emissions as required of all SIPs and SIP revisions due in the 2005-08 timeframe. (10/01/03)

  • Summary Presentation PDF or PPT
  • Executive Summary PDF
  • Full Report PDF (3.38 MB)
  • Report in Word DOC Format:
    • Sections I-V DOC (1.3 MB)
    • Section VI DOC (1 MB)
    • Section VI Appendices DOC (500 kb)

Conceptual Model

  • Contract with Dr. Armisted Russell, Georgia Institute of Technology. (02/22/03) DOC or PDF

Sensitivity Runs

  • Memorandum describing the design and rationale of the sensitivity runs. (09/18/02) DOC or PDF

Control Technologies

  • Scope of work for Reaction Engineering International DOC or PDF
  • Request for Proposal: Summary of Emission Controls Available for NOx and PM from Large Stationary Sources in the Western United States. DOC or PDF

Related Documents

  • Presentation by Lee Alter to the MTF PPT
  • NOx and PM Information from 1996 WRAP Inventory, by Wayne Leipold List of >100 ton sources of NOx and PM from the WRAP 1996 Emission Inventory. Please note that the information for Utah contains some errors. The emissions are correct, but the company names have been scrambled. Utah is working with the Emissions Forum to solve this problem.
    • 100tonnoxpm.xls (12/07/01)
    • Emission units in the 9-state transport region with NOx emissions >=50 tons that have some information listed regarding NOx emission controls. Units that do not have any control information listed are not included in this list. (12/18/01) DOC
    • Emission units in the 9-state transport region with PM10 emissions >=50 tons. This file shows the control information that is included in the data base for these units. (12/18/01) XLS


  • March 27 meeting in Denver, CO
    • Presentation by Gail Tonneson, University of California at Riverside PPT
    • Presentation by Connie Senior, Reaction Engineering International PPT

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