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Stationary Sources Joint Forum: General BART Information

WRAP BART Clearinghouse (Last updated 12/10/09)
Summary Spreadsheet: XLS
Detailed Discussion Document: PDF or DOC
This Summary Spreadsheet identifies all the BART eligible sources in the WRAP region and tracks their individual status as they proceed through the BART process. This includes the status of “Subject to BART” modeling and determinations, the modeling entities, the impact thresholds used, any BART control limits developed for the source, and the person to contact for further information in each state. The Detailed Discussion Document provides more information on specific actions by each of the WRAP States. These materials are meant to promote consistency and information sharing among WRAP states and tribes and EPA as they implement BART or alternatives to BART.

As of 2010 the clearinghouse will no longer be updated as in the past, but interested Stakeholders can access BART information from individual States/EPA at the following links:

         WRAP Region BART Links (January 12, 2010)

Regional Haze Home: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/air/anpms/as/rh/rhhome.htm
BART Information: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/air/doc/BART-2007.pdf

Regional Haze Home: http://www.azdeq.gov/environ/air/haze
BART Information: Not Available

Regional Haze Home: http://www.arb.ca.gov/planning/reghaze/reghaze.htm
BART Information: SIP Appendix D contains the BART determinations

Regional Haze Home: http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/ap/regionalhaze.html
BART Information: http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/ap/RegionalHazeBART.html

Regional Haze Home: http://www.deq.idaho.gov/air/prog_issues/pollutants/haze_overview.cfm
BART Information: Not Available

Regional Haze Home: http://www.epa.gov/region8/air/mtregionalhaze.html
BART Information: Individual Company Analyses Available on RH Home Page

Regional Haze Home: http://ndep.nv.gov/baqp/planmodeling/rhaze.html
BART Information: Individual Company Analyses Available on RH Home Page

New Mexico
Regional Haze Home: http://www.nmenv.state.nm.us/aqb/reghaz/Regional-Haze_index.html
BART Information: Individual Company Analysis Available on RH Home Page

North Dakota
Regional Haze Home: http://www.ndhealth.gov/AQ/RegionalHaze
BART Information: Individual Company Analyses Available on RH Home Page

Regional Haze Home: http://www.deq.state.or.us/aq/haze/index.htm
BART Information: Individual Company Analyses Available on RH Home Page

South Dakota
Regional Haze Home: http://denr.sd.gov/des/aq/airprogr.aspx
BART Information: Otter Tail Power Big Stone Permit Analyses: http://denr.sd.gov/des/aq/aapubnotbs.aspx

Regional Haze Home: http://www.airquality.utah.gov/Public-Interest/Current-Issues/Regionalhazesip/index.htm
BART Information: SIP Section D contains the BART determinations

Regional Haze Home: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/air/globalwarm_RegHaze/regional_haze.html
BART Information: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/air/globalwarm_RegHaze/bart/BARTInformation.html

Regional Haze Home: http://deq.state.wy.us/aqd/regionalhaze.asp
BART Information: http://deq.state.wy.us/aqd/BART.asp

EPA Tribal BART Control Analyses (EPA does not have a website for their Tribal BART control applications, so the WRAP has posted them here)

BART Control Analyses Submitted to EPA for Tribal BART Sources: A BART Control Analysis was received by the EPA in late 2007 for the Salt River Project Navajo Generating Station, and another was received in January ’08 for the Arizona Public Service Four Corners Power Plant. EPA is currently reviewing these analyses. (02/06/08)

  • BART Analysis for the Navajo Generating Station Units 1–3 (11/07) PDF (2.9 MB)
  • APS Four Corners BART Analysis (01/29/08)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Cover & Table of Contents DOC (144 KB)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Section 1 - Introduction DOC (20 KB)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Section 2 - Engineering Analysis PDF (3 MB)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Section 3 - Modeling Protocol DOC (4 MB)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Section 4 - Modeling Report DOC (6 MB)
    • APS 4 Corners Bart Analysis Section 5 - Conclusions DOC (50 KB)

EPA Docket for Other Navajo Nation Power Plant Actions available at:

NPS BART Evaluation

The National Park Service has been compiling information on what they are seeing nationally as proposed BART level controls for Electric Generating Units (EGU’s) and Non-Utility Sources, from BART proposals being reviewed by State Air Quality Agencies. Below are spreadsheets of those compilations of BART proposals.

  • EGU proposed SO2 BART Control Spreadsheet (08/11/10): XLS (178 KB)
  • EGU proposed NOx BART Control Spreadsheet (08/11/10): XLS (285 KB)
  • EGU proposed PM BART Control Spreadsheet (08/12/09): XLS (68 KB)
  • EGU proposed Combined BART Control Spreadsheet (03/11/10): XLS (38 KB)
  • Non EGU proposed BART Control Spreadsheet (08/11/10): XLS (119 KB)

For more information about this work please contact:

Don Shepherd
National Park Service Air Resources Division
12795 W. Alameda Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: (303) 969-2075
Fax: (303) 969-2822
E-Mail: [email protected]

BART Modeling

Other BART Documents

Final EPA Rule Revising the Provisions Governing Alternatives to BART, Including the 309 SO2 Backstop Trading Program (10/13/06) PDF

  • Proposed Rule (08/01/05) PDF
  • WRAP Comments (09/16/05) PDF or DOC

Q&A Document from EPA Regarding Regional Haze Rule and BART Implementation (08/03/06) DOC or PDF

  • BART Exemption Q&A (08/24/06) DOC

Final EPA Regulatory Text and Guidelines for Implementing BART (06/15/05)
In today's action, EPA finalized regulatory text and guidelines in response to American Corn Growers vs EPA. The text and guidelines remove the bifurcation of assessing visibility benefits after and apart from assessing the other statutory BART factors. They also remove the "group BART" provisions requiring visibility improvements to be assessed cumulatively and requiring practically any BART-eligible source upwind of a Class I area to be subject to BART. Other changes were made to the regulatory text, such as making SIP due dates consistent with recent legislation and specifying how an alternative program to BART should be shown to achieve greater reasonable progress. Today's action does not address the vacature of section 309 resulting from CEED vs EPA.

  • Federal Register Notice (Preamble, Regulatory Text, and Guidelines) PDF
  • Press Release PDF
  • Fact Sheet PDF
  • EPA Summary/Briefing PDF or PPT
  • UARG Petition for Review
    • Federal Register notice regarding the proposed settlement and comment period (05/02/06) PDF
    • Proposed settlement (04/19/06) PDF
  • DC Circuit Court of Appeals decision on UEARG vs EPA, in which industry petitioners claimed EPA's BART rule and guidelines were too strict, and environmental groups, led by the National Parks Conservation Association, argued they were too lenient. (12/12/06) PDF

EPA and ED Consent Decree Extending the Deadline for the Final Section 308(e)(1) Source-By-Source BART Rule from April 15, 2005 to June 15, 2005 and Setting a Target Date of November 8, 2005 for Promulgation of Revisions to Sections 308(e) and 309 Pursuant to CEED vs EPA (04/15/05) PDF

Western Business Roundtable Petition to Delay Promulgation of Revised BART Rule (03/28/05) PDF

EPA's Proposed Amendments to the Regional Haze Rule and Draft BART Guidelines (04/16/04)

  • WRAP Comments (07/15/04) PDF or DOC
  • Proposal PDF
  • Proposal reformatted to fit on 106 pages PDF or WPD
  • Proposal as published in the Federal Register PDF
  • Fact Sheet PDF
  • Press Release

American Corn Growers vs EPA

  • DC Circuit Court Opinion (05/25/02) TXT
  • Letter from Whitman concerning BART revision process (04/01/03) PDF
  • Consent Decree Establishing Proposal and Promulgation Dates for a Revised BART Rule and Guidance
    • Proposed consent decree between Environmental Defense and EPA (08/15/03) PDF
    • Publication of proposed consent decree in the Federal Register (09/08/03) PDF
    • WRAP letter to EPA supporting the proposed consent decree (10/07/03) PDF

Geographic Enhancements (05/07/03) DOC
Draft SIP language to address geographic enhancements.

Draft revisions to the RAVI MOU between FLMs and States/Tribes to add a commitment to provide information in a public forum regarding potential visibility impairment issues to allow consideration of this information in the market prior to a certification process.

Recommendations for Making Attribution Determinations in the Context of Reasonably Attributable BART
This report recommends approaches for determining if visibility impairment is reasonably attributable to a source or group of sources, often known as reasonably attributable visibility impairment (RAVI). (05/22/03) PDF

RA BART Issues Matrix List of issues and areas of disagreement within the MTF regarding reasonably attributable visibility impairment. (RAVI) (12/18/01) DOC

RA BART Case Studies that were developed by WESTAR under contract to the (Northern) Air Managers Committee. (Updated 12/18/01)


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